The Discovery Path

A culture camp for young adults aimed to give structure to inner expressions

7 days 6 nights

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Hyderabad Travel theme - Culture and History Camp


Children: Art, Culture, History camp

Places to Travel in Hyderabad


Hyderabad, Telangana

Date Of Travel to Hyderabad


During Navaratri

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What to expect

  • Attend masterclass in theatre and public speaking
  • Learn to control the attention faculty of the mind through guided visualisations and meditation
  • Absorb the staggering Nagarjuna hill sites, and visit the Archaeological Museum on a ferry
  • Be inspired by the ancient Buddhist cave art and observe the elements of Buddhist, Hindu and Islamic blending and co-existing
  • Dive deep into the region’s landforms, language and art from ancient to medieval ages
  • Indulge in poetry reading and recitation
  • Meet new people from various parts of India

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About Hyderabad

Part of Golconda fort, Hyderabad

Centrally located, Hyderabad is a city in the Northern path of South India. It lies in the sloping terrain of the Deccan Plateau giving the city a hilly topography. Hyderabad was established by the Qutub Shahi dynasty on the Southern banks of the Musi river and they have contributed much to the city’s landmarks like the Hussain Sagar lake and Golconda fort. The striking feature of any city is the flavour: mellifluous Telugu and poetic Urdu being the pinnacle of Dravidian and Islamic cultures are spoken here, making it the destination for the Discovery Path.

Part of Golconda fort, Hyderabad

Sparks of Travel

Among the various ways of expressing using a language, the expressions of sentiments through gesture is considered as the pinnacle of a civilisation. Hence, patra-s: character sketching with role-play will be used as experiential learning tool to teach emotional strength and stability.

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Travel features

Common bath and sanitary facilities

Common bath and sanitary facilities

24 hr Room Service

Veg food

Regional cultural activities

Traditional flavours of the land

Beyond the essentials

  • Dormitory accommodation
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Guided yoga asana and meditation practice
  • Intensive workshop in traditional theatre
  • Visit to Nagarjuna Hills
  • Heritage walk in Dhamma Nāgājjuna, the Buddha Park
  • Recreational activity: Face painting
  • Live classical or folk theatre performance
  • Introduction to Shad Darshana-s
  • Develop Public speaking
  • Debates and Discussions
  • Significance behind Indian Flag and emblem
  • Traditional Outdoor and Indoor Games
Does not Include:
  • Local attractions
  • Recreational adventure activities

Additional Notes

  • Prior training or exposure in art or yoga is not required.
  • Interaction with the expert and instructions for guided practice will be in English.
  • Daily schedule will be sent after registration.
  • Registrations close Aug 15.
  • Follow Jvala’s social-media handles for registration announcements.

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    Get in touch


      Sacred Spaces Retreat: Stillness of a Lake

      “O! Please come! Dance in my heart; hurt not your feet on the rocky slopes of Himalayas.” ~Adi Shankara
      Jvala is an organisation that curates experiences of sublime. It is built around Indic knowledge systems like yoga, Indian arts, heritage and history to promote the intangible cultural heritage of India. Jvala will be collaborating with the yoga studio: Tattva to conduct Yoga retreats for adults at various sacred destinations within India.
      Details of the Chidambaram yoga retreat
        Duration: 4 days 3 nights    Start/End Point : Chennai
        Participants - Yoga practitioners  Age - Between 18-45 years
        Date - Jan 25-28 2024   Destination: Tharangambadi
      Accommodation and Destination for retreat
      Tharangambadi is one of the rare attractions in Tamil Nadu. Located on the Coromandel coast, Tharangambadi is one of the finest private beaches and a perfect weekend getaway for unwinding. ‘Tharangambadi’, which literally means “the land of swinging waves”, whispers stories of the land and sweet lullabies of the ocean. It poses as the perfect place with breathtaking views of the horizon during Sun rise. The historical significance and temple heritage in and around Tharangambadi make it a perfect slow travel destination.

      Neemrana’s Bungalow on the Beach is a 17th Century Danish structure renovated to be one of the finest boutique resorts in Tamil Nadu. The architecture and its location makes it classy and apt for conducting thematic yoga on ākāśa.
      Day 1
      Start from Chennai at 8:00am (brunch on the way); Reach Tharangambadi - Neemrana property Bunglow in the Beach 1pm for lunch; 4pm High Tea followed by Orientation; Enjoy Sunset by the Beach; Games; Dinner 8pm
      Day 2
      Yoga (asana meditative practice) 6:30-8am; Breakfast 9:00 am; Talk - Significance of Lotus; 10-12am; High tea 3-4pm; Sightseeing - Sirkazhi temple (Friday special darshan), Tharangambadi; Dinner 8pm
      Day 3
      Yoga 6:30-8am; Breakfast 9:00 am; Discussion and Talk - Introduction to Yogic Anatomy: Patanjali’s Mind & Body Science 10-12am; High Tea 4-5pm; Sightseeing - Poompuhar; Dinner 8pm
      Day 4
      Yoga 6:30-8am; Breakfast 9:00 am; Discussion and Talk - Topic: Cosmic Dance of Siva, a brief overview 10-12am; High Tea 4-5pm; Sightseeing - Tharangambadi local sight-seeing; Dinner 8pm
      Day 5
      Yoga 6:30-8am (Special Meditation for Chidambaram); Brunch 10:00am; Darshan at Chidambaram Temple; Return to Chennai



      Pallava Passion: Cultural heritage tour

      “Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.”
      ~Karunanidhi (Late CM, TN)
      Details of the retreat
        Duration: 6 (+6) hours   Purpose: South Indian Temple Art appreciation
        Participants: Art enthusiasts & connoisseurs  Destinations: Mahabalipuram and Kanchipuram
        Date: Dec 3, 10; Dec 17, 24    Group Size: Min 10- Max 20 registrations only
      Itinerary for Mahabalipuram
      • Tour starts at Dakshinachitra, Chennai
      • Talk: Significance of Rock-cut art; Contributions of Pallava dynasty to Rock-cut art
      • Break for a classic South Indian Breakfast
      • Proceed to Mahabalipuram
      • 3 hours Heritage Walk of the Dravidian rock-cut cave temples at Mahabalipuram
      • 3 Stages of mature Dravidian rock-cut caves
      • Speciality of Pancha Rathas in Dravidian temple art
      • Tour Ends at Egmore Museum/ Concert hall
      Itinerary for Kanchipuram
      • Tour starts at OMR, Chennai
      • Talk: Obsessions of pan-Indian artisans: Iconography and Significance of Mahishasura Mardini and Varaha
      • Break for a classic South Indian Breakfast
      • Proceed to Kanchipuram
      • 3 hours Heritage Walk at Kanchipuram heritage sites
      • One early Pallava Rock-cut Cave
      • 2 Must-see structural temples of Pallava-s
      • Interact with Kanchipuram silk weavers
      • Tour Ends at Egmore Museum/ Concert hall
      Cost: INR 5500/day trip*
      *Conditions Apply. Price is indicative and calculated for a Group of 10 based on a specific venue
      • Breakfast, Refreshments - Tender Coconut Water, Buttermilk
      • Remuneration of Culture host
      • Guided Tour at Heritage sites
      • Entry fee at Heritage sites
      • Logistic from Start and End point of Tour
      Does not Include:
      • Lunch
      • Other temples/ structures at the destination
      • Recreational sport at the destination
      • Concert entry fee